Acrylics, Pastels and Oils Acrylics, Pastels and Oils Cleopatra - Acrylics 60 x 60 cm 19519387 Marina Gardens - Pastels 60 x 40 cm 19519608 Pepprin - Pastels 60 x 40 cm 19519653 Lunziata Valley - pastels 60 x 40 cm 19578949 Rough Seas at Marsalforn - pastels 60x 40 cm 60x 40 cm 19578985 Qala Church from the back - Oils 100 x 80 cm 19579035 Jazz - Oils 100 x 80 cm 19579065 Valletta from Gzira - Oils 100 x 80 cm 19579106 Nude with child - Oils 200 x 75 cm 19579220 Escape to Egypt - Oils 20 x 30 cm 19579885 Imtahleb Thunderstorm - Oils 120 x 90 cm 19582694 Ship in a Storm - Oils 100 x 80 cm 19582891 Sitting Model Acrylics 100 x 60 cm 19583123 Battle of the Nile Oils 120 x 90 cm 19583158 Heaven and Hell Acrylics 100 x 80 cm 19583330 Flowers Oils 60 x 30 cm 19583143 Death of Dun Mikiel Xerri - Acrylics 100 x 80 cm 19583297 Sacrifice to Ba-al This is an acrylics painting - a symbolic parody showing a human sacrifice at the temple of Ba-al, which some say that it was situated instead of Fort St Angelo. Women has always been the protagonists who sacrificed other women in all walks of life and consequently bishops (symbols of today's religions) are onlookers too. 22886579 Charge of the Light Brigade This acrylics painting depicts the voilent fatal charge of this brave brigade on the canons in Battle. 22886580 Sailing Ship This is an oil painting depicting the high seas in termoil around a British Sailing Ship. It is a classic interpretation of another painting. 22887438 Country Temptations This Oils is an interpretation of the countryside in abstraction form. 22887439 Lamp Post An acrylic on rough canvas, this work is also an interpretation of the different strata of coloured levels of the Maltese countryside and the local farm with its street lamp post. 22887440 Ghar Hassan A moslem madly in love with a maiden escapes to his death with his love at Ghar Hassan 59078814 Mind Bends An abstract interpretation of thoughts that after a while you forget most of them and see them in a mingled sort of image. 22887441 Borgia Acrylics 30cmx40cm 2009 59078815 Dragut's Death 25cmx30cm acrylics 2007 59078816 Attila the Hun An acrylic depicting the Terror of Europe 59078818 Alexander An acrylic of one of my historical heros 59078819 Mata Hari An acrylic of a historical figure 59078820 The Macedonians An acrylic of a historical Army which ruled half the world in ancient times 59078821 Rough Seas Acrylic on canvas 70633275 Lady with the jar oils on canvas 36''x 72'' 70633278 Window in Mdina - Pastels 106071660 Bahrija Dream Acrylic on canvas 2010 70633279 Water Lillies- Acrylic 106071661 Flower -Aycrylic 106071662 Leaves - Pastels 106071663 Angry Sea - acrylics 143148907 Sea Inlet -acrylics 143148909 Citadella 25x35cm Acrylics 143148910 Corner Flowers 25cmx34cm Acrylics 143148911 Dahlet Qorrot 25cmx34cm Acrylics 143148912 Twiggs 25cm x 35cm Pastels 143148913 Fawwara 55cm x 85 cm Oils 143148914 Flowers in the Wind 40cm x 50cm Acrylics 143148915 Girgenti 35cmx45cm Acrylics 143148917 Horse stalls and chapel 35cm x 45cm Acrylics 143148918 Flowers - pastels 40cm x 60cm 204136016 Mdina Balcony 25cmx 35cm Acrylics 143148919 Jungle - acrylic Imagined Jungle scene. 40cm x 55cm 204136017 Senglea - acrylics 40cm x 55cm 204136018 Tree - acrylics 44cm x 55cm 204136019 St Johns Square Corner - acrylics 44cm x 55cm 143148923 Greek Soldier - pastels 40cm x 75cm worked in 1972 196878221 Cock Fighting - pastels 35cmx 45cm 196878222 Dielja 45cm 78cm Acrylics 196878223 Farm House with Lamp 45cm x 78cm Acrylics 196878224